Are you achieving content marketing ROI?

The problem most CMOs face is struggling to keep up with content velocity. Or producing content but cannot figure out the ROI and if it is contributing to sales.

Content without strategy is just stuff. In this short video, our Principal Phil Lowe explains how we blueprint and architect your content marketing ROI, with a fun, fast traffic light quiz at the end so you can take your content pulse.

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Let our clients tell you why you ought to meet with her

“Working with Philippa has always been a great pleasure. She challenges your thinking, offers an insight and a 360 degree perspective when thinking about how to communicate to your audience, a wonderful outgoing attitude and creative out of the box thinking that adds an extra dimension to any project. Her and her Incredible Comms agency team combine strategic understanding with a get-it-done attitude, delivering content expertise across sales, marketing and PR. Whether it’s copy for sales landing pages and eDMs that convert, to sophisticated, loyalty-building, customer engagement content programs, the results deliver valuable returns to our through-the-line communications.”

Clare Cahill

Head of Experience Marketing

Asia Pacific, Adobe

“I have worked with Philippa for over 10 years, across two businesses. Phil provides sharp insight to messaging, positioning and simply getting it right.  She helps us get our thinking harnessed in a way that makes sense to our clients and is appealing to our ideal customers. Phil and her team are also stand outs in terms of researching and pitching topics that get noticed by publications, so our content is amplified and gives us expert status traction.  Phil and Incredible Comms are an indispensable part of our expanded team.”

Lyndal Hughes 

Managing Director

Treacle Consulting

“What can I say about Phil? In a word, she has flair! As a manager, she's the best I've ever had – trusting, supportive, informed and able to tell at a single glance if someone is in need of help. Phil trusted me to do the job I was hired to do, removing roadblocks and obstructions when needed, and encouraging my growth and creativity along the way. As a writer, Phil has enviable grammatical knowledge – she knows an affect from an effect – and a fluid, almost poetic approach to prose. Combine all of this with her PR/media industry knowledge, business nous and gut instinct, and you've got one hell of a compass guiding your content marketing, PR strategy and communication goals.”

Lauren (Loz) Gleeson 

Corporate Affairs Manager 

Big Red Group

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Read her business ownership story that started when she watched the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy in London...yes, really! Or choose the more corporate, less storytelling approach on her LinkedIn.

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Hear more from our clients ...

“I always leave my meetings with Phil inspired, encouraged and strengthened by the intelligence, wisdom and overall no BS approach that Incredible Comms brings to business. Her tailored advice continues to push us in the areas we need to be pushed in order to grow. I highly recommend Phil and Incredible Comms to anyone looking to stretch their strategy and tell better stories.”

Ruby Bisson

Community Engagement

Strategist and Youth Advocate

“The Incredible Comms team are fantastic. We have worked together on many projects and can recommend them for the creative copy, excellent project management and results-driven content marketing. They are professional & easy to work with, remove the stress of developing content and copy in-house, are highly experienced and get the job done.”

Fabian Perez

Business Development

Emroy Creative Group

“Using Incredible Communications’ services has expanded our client base by 54% in the past six months. Our return on investment has been over 1000%. The agency combines creativity with a laser-focus on business growth – at Incredible Comms it’s not enough for the content message to look and sound good, it’s about making sure they actively get results for your bottom line.”

Catharine Price

TABS SMSF Auditors